A-1 Murray Quick Set Rifle Sling

Try it and you'll want one for all your rifles. Made from one continuous cut of saddle leather with a uniquely designed blued metal friction slide, it can be instantly set to any length and secured. No hooks or laces to adjust. A three-way latigo knot secures the slide and swivels eliminating any screws that could mar your stock. Lightweight, strong, and no bulk. Comes ready to use with US made swivels installed. Available with blue, stainless steel, or Mil Spec Tactical swivels.

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Our most popular width 1-1/4-inch $75

Available in Black$85

With mil-spec tactical swivelsadd $10

Long Model for rifles with
barrel band swivels add $10
Rifle Slings


Murray Shotgun Sling

Murray Shotgun Sling for your shotgun or other long arm
without swivel provisions. Double Loop design allows you
to slide one end over the wrist of the stock and the other on
the barrel. Quick Set Slide provides for adjustment.


A-1 Murray Quick Set Rifle Sling

A1-Long Murray Quick Set Rifle Sling

A1-AR15 Quick Set Sling $90
( For rifles with fixed swivels )

Willie Waldrip, veteran African hunter endorses the Murray A-2 Cobra sling.
"It's awesome," Willie said while taking a break on his last safari.

Dear Mr. Murray,

Thank you very much.

On a different note, although I have not been able to use your Sling on the Sauer 202 because of the different Sling Swivels, I have been using them on the model 70 and they are good slings.

I congratulate you on a wonderful product.

Yours sincerely,
Arjun Balraj Mehta

Hi Dick,

We spent quite a bit of time talking at the Grand Slam Club / Ovis convention earlier this year, and you subsequently made up a belt (in addition to the one I bought from you that you had on the show floor) and a number of slings for me.

I just wanted to let you know how very pleased I am with the new sling(s) and the tactical swivels. I returned from the Arctic last week (Victoria Island, Nunavut) and wanted to tell you how happy I was with the performance of these swivels. Not a squeak, not a twist, not a binding, easy on and off as necessary. Simply an absolute joy to have on my rifle. I use nothing but your slings, and have for a number of years. That is why I had you make multiple (five) of them for me following the Grand Slam Club / Ovis show. I/we intend to never have to use anything else on any of either my or my wife's rifles.

Thanks again for making such wonderful products and supporting groups like Grand Slam Club / Ovis, Safari Club International, etc. I sincerely appreciate it!

All The Best, B.S., Littleton, CO

Dear Dick,

I received in today's mail a package with the ammo carriers and the Quick-Set rifle sling. To say I'm impressed is an understatement. These are absolutely great. I truly love quality leather products and yours are some of the finest I've seen to date.

T.T., Sierra Vista, AZ
A-2 Murray Cobra
Type Rifle Sling

Functional distribution of weight with a padded suede lining, this sling will compliment any rifle. With thumb-hole and hand rest, it comes ready to use with US made swivels installed. Nylon stitched with latigo ties (no screws) this system virtually eliminates any stock damage. Used worldwide and one of our most popular accessories.

Natural Oil Finish$110
Basketweave Tooling add$60
Oak Leaf Tooling add$80
Hand laced edge add$90
Thumb-hole model$125


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