S-4 Murray Deluxe Rifle Case
This is a one-piece, conventional carrying case made for a lifetime of use. Offering the double tough protection of heavy saddle leather and lined with man-made sheepskin that is breathable and non- reactive to gun oil. This case will carry your rifle in style and safety. Featuring hinged grips that wrap all the way around the case, cradling the rifle, a full length YKK brass zipper, and double-extra reinforced end cap that protects the muzzle even if the case is dropped. Be assured you have the best in the industry in this spectacular gun case.
Price: $595

S-5 Murray Deluxe Shotgun Case
Designed for your favorite shotgun from one piece of heavy saddle leather, it too will give you a lifetime of use and durability. Full length heavy brass zippers, hinged leather grips, double nyon stitched, and lined with man-made sheepskin this is the complete package for a great shotgun case.
Price: $595

Dear Mr. Murray,
I received the shotgun case I ordered from you yesterday just a few minutes ago. I had to let you know I have never seen a more beautiful case! Your craftsmanship is extraordinary. My Dad was an avid gun collector and hunter and my brother and I inherited his collection. He had several nice leather gun cases, but yours put his to shame.

We will be presenting the case to our outgoing Society President on May 24th. He has been a wonderful President and is very deserving of such an amazing gift.

Thanks for your help,
Executive Director
Greater Houston Dental Society

S-10 Murray Take Down Rifle or Shotgun Case
Designed for your double rifle or shotgun, featuring two side by side compartments. Constructed of heavy duty saddle skirting leather and lined with our exclusive man-made fleece. This unit can be shipped inside your duffel. Other features include: Full length brass zippers, Gorilla proof hinged leather carrying handles in rich oiled saddle tan finish. This case offers maximum protection for a lifetime of use.

Up to 28" barrel length $750
Up to 30" barrel length $775
Up to 32" barrel length $800

(Other lengths available on request)

2 Barrel Model $1195

2 Gun - 2 Barrel Model $1295

S-6 Murray Double Shotgun Case
Fits two shotguns and sits upright. Cut from the same lot of saddle
leather to insure a uniform finish. These cases are lined and
constructed identical to the S-5 shotgun case.
Price: $1,195

S-7 Murray Double Rifle Case
Fits two scoped rifles and sits upright. Cut from the same lot of
saddle leather to insure a uniform finish. These cases are lined
and constructed identical to the S-4 rifle case and will give you
a lifetime of use.
Price: $1,195

Rifle & Shotgun Cases

Typical application of Murray Deluxe
Rifle Cases in use in Africa.

Copyright MurrayCustomLeather.com

S-15 Murray Deluxe Fitted AR Rifle Case
Designs available for both .223 and .308 based AR hunting
rifles. This is the answer for the man that has discovered the
practical use of the AR hunting rifle and the fitting size issue of
a hard plastic case. Carry your AR hunting rifle in a classic
Murray Deluxe Rifle Case, this is a case that tells the world
that this is a serious hunting rifle.

Features a perfect fit with a padded reinforcement for the pistol
grip and our trademark built-in muzzle protector. Constructed
of one piece of heavy saddle leather, lined with man-made
fleece that is breathable and non-reactive to oil and solvent,
this case will carry your rifle with style and safety. Full length
YKK brass zipper and wrap-around double support for the
hinged grips insure an extremely strong unit. This is a smaller
version of our 50 caliber case that has seen years of service in
far away and hostile places. Available in saddle tan.

Price: $650

View Inside the S-15 Rifle Case

S-14 Murray International Folding Rifle Case
The S-14 Deluxe Rifle Case is now available in a soft leather version suitable for folding and storing in a travel bag. Same basic features as our saddle leather Deluxe Rifle Case this is a great destination case that offers maximum protection for your rifle. Made from 5 oz. chap leather with our exclusive man-made fleece, this case takes up minimum space for transport.

Price: $495

B-6 Murray Bolt Carrier Bag
Designed to protect your bolt during transport, this case will keep it clean and ready for your safari.

Price: $40

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